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Sustainable Innovation



Registrations end on Sunday September the 17th at midnight.

Only MSc Business Management EDHEC Student (3rd year) can attend the programme.

20 seats are available. Selected students will be informed on Friday September the 22th by email.

Explora#2 Kick-Off meeting will be on Monday September the 25th in Lille EDHEC Campus from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm

The selection of candidates will be made on the following criteria:
Motivation / Diversity of profiles

1. Please note that the form just below must be filled out for participation
2. You need to choose at least three of the five companies challenges

n.b: please fill in the form in your chosen language (English or French)


Here are the seven companies challenges

1/  Build up the Millenials community lovers of a vintage car brand 100% electric, recycled, recyclable and customisable.

2 / How to become a leader in circular economy management by providing services and products to the large-scale distribution and major retailors?

3/ As compared to the Silicon Valley success, set up the European Eco Hero valley dedicated to circular economy and earth preservation.

4/ Define the next Start Up Studio model to spread far and wide on green and tech opportunities to preserve our planet.

5/ What social business would support micro-entrepreneurs in France to make revenues out of the use of the company’s products?

6/ What innovative usage of our company’s infrastructures would address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), in ways that are economically justifiable in Direct and Indirect manner?

7/ What innovative business model would generate revenue from electric vehicles and its ecosystem in a sustainable way?

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