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selected on September 17th and then divided into 5 teams

n.b: Students can choose Explora#2 as their Master Project.

The Explora#2 certificate is designed for students with no experience in sustainable innovation and beginners alike. You don't need to be a specialist to join the program.


If you recognize yourself in one of these profiles, Explora#2 is for you!




You're a doer and love inventing and building new concepts and things. You like exploring, experimenting and thinking out of the box. Aesthetics and design are fields you care about.


Listening is your strong suit. You enjoy observing, gathering testimonials and working as a team. Team management, deadlines and client handling doesn't scare you at all.


You're the financial guy. You're good in market analysis, competitor benchmarks and you know new trends of your industry or you excel in project management.