Will the certificate deliverable count as a part of the “Master Project” grading. For how many credits? On what basis?

Yes, apart from Msc Entrepreneurship and Data. It counts as 7 ECTS credits and is equivalent to 50 class hours.

I am an MSc student but not in Business Management, can I still register?

You can. But in the event of too many applications, the coordination team might decide to prioritize MSc BM students.

When will we meet our corporate mentor?

You will meet your corporate mentor on Skype on September 27th and for a meeting on October 26th. You will then agree on an work plan for the 7 following months. In April, all companies will be present for a « demo-day » in Paris to see your final pitch.

Is a time dedicated to the project scheduled every week?

Workshops, coordination meetings and conferences will be scheduled every Thursday. Aside from that, teams will need to work autonomously and in close relationship with their corporate mentor.

Are teams imposed or can I choose friends I want to work with?

The teams will be defined regarding the choice of the company challenge you made in the application form. You will know in which team you are during the Kick-Off session on September the 25th.

I don’t have any expertise about sustainable innovation yet but I’m really interested to learn, is this a disadvantage?

No, quite the opposite!
Explora#2 has been created and modeled to suit all levels.